Greenwich Instruments Ltd

Electronic design and manufacture
PCB assembly - surface mount and conventional through hole

Greenwich Instruments is a designer and manufacturer of electronic equipment and components

* the original designer of the non-volatile random access memory chip NV-RAM
- all versions available from stock.

* designed and manufactures the innovative Greenwich Laboratory G-MAG magnetic therapy unit.

* designed and manufactures the GWDMX lighting controllers
- hand held and wall mounted versions.

In-house pcb design, manufacture and assembly services include surface mount and conventional through hole printed circuit board designs, from prototype to production.

About Greenwich Instruments:

Greenwich Instruments was incorporated in 1979 producing laboratory test equipment.

Shortly after this, the first non-volatile memory was developed. Called "instant rom", this 4k of memory plugged into the rom slot on the Commodore PET, which was the standard computer at that time. This transformed the unit into a working tool, up until this point the only data storage was cassette tape.

Since then we have developed many products, both for our own brand and OEM.

Over the years we have taken on a variety of special projects for many companies and organisation including; the Ministry of Defence, Rolls Royce, British Aero Space in co-operation with NASA and virtually all the rail companies in the United Kingdom. The range of products we design and produce are quite diverse, from machinery control systems to fibre-optic signal modems.

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